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13 international firefighters killed in air strikes

NATO alliance member United States launched this attack to help Afghan government forces against Taliban on Friday and Saturday. A total of 13 people, including 10 children, were killed. The investigation committee report said that those who were displaced due to war in the country were killed in the read more

Mobile data costs less than 23 countries in India:

According to a study by UK-based cable companies, India is the first country to have mobile data as a cheap country. The cost of purchasing 1 GB of mobile data is $ 0.26. Where in the UK it is worth 6.66 dollars and the US $ 12.36 is counted. Increasing read more

Any RobinHood in Spain?

A village named after Villarreal in the northern part of Spain This strange incident happened in the village since March 6. So far 15 poor families have received a brown-colored envelope with 100 euro admission. The envelope has found someone in the front of the door, through the post box. read more

“Come on make robots” reality show

  The first Robotics-related TV reality show “Make A Robot” is the first in Bangladesh. The program will sponsor Channel i by courtesy of HPH Steel. 30 teams selected from universities across the country will participate in it. The participants will talk about the performance of robots and robots made read more

Anna Akhmatovova, a Russian woman surrounded by mysteries

  Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) Birth: 1889 Birth place: Odesa Siblings: 6 people Study: Kiev and Peterburg Married: Nikolai Gumiliov (1910–1918) Vladimir Shuleiko (1918-1926) Nikolai Punin (1922-1935) Child: 1 Liv Gumiliov Member of Soviet Writer Union: 1939 Oxford University’s Honorary Doctorate Degree: 1965 Death: 5 March 1966 Anna Akhmatovova was born read more

The misconception about the “Emperor Nero” is inferior

  The capital of the Roman Empire was the city of Rome. Rome was ruled by the rulers of Rome for ages. Moreover, the Romans have invented many things to make human life easier. Emperor Nero and a ruler like other rulers. And this emperor Nero is called the King read more

Kalejchi The story of my life The author of the book, Helen Keller, the symbol of vision, speech and hearing impaired

  Col. Arthur Keller was a military officer. Arthur — Kate was spending a happy day full of anxiety about the couple’s baby son. But their happiness suddenly became anxious. At the age of 19 months, their ears lose sight, speech and hearing.When all types of doctors fail Then the read more

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