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The misconception about the “Emperor Nero” is inferior

  The capital of the Roman Empire was the city of Rome. Rome was ruled by the rulers of Rome for ages. Moreover, the Romans have invented many things to make human life easier. Emperor Nero and a ruler like other rulers. And this emperor Nero is called the King read more

Knowing about Juliet – unknown words

  Verona, a city in Italy. Which is full of history and tradition. This Verona city has been developed by a river named Edge. And this Verona city on the river bank has recognized UNESCO as a world heritage. Moreover, William Shakespeare has presented this city with his writings. The read more

In the possession of a whole train women

Passengers’ spontaneous movement can be seen on trains in different countries of the world. The Indian subcontinent is very much involved in this kind of train. The train has long been an integral part of Indian life. Indians are feeling the need for a lot of train to be a read more

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