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The name of ‘Kylie Zener’ has emerged as the youngest billionaire

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg named Forbes list at the age of 23, and the 21-year-old Kyley Junkie shook
the world to become the youngest billionaire. US magazine Forbes – has published the list of top ten richest

people in the year 2015. 2,153 billionaires have been ranked in this list. 71 is under 40 years of age. Among
the top ten richest people, 7 real estate businesses, 7 fashion and retail enterprises and entrepreneurs of 0
technology sectors.Kylie Genie is the only girl among the 40 people who have established herself and everyone

else is male. According to Forbes estimates, this 21-year-old girl Kyley Zener, owner of $ 100 million worth of

Source: Finance Desk

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