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Mayor “goats” will be valid for 1 year

Mayor “goats” will be valid for 1 year

“Fair Haven” is the name of a small town in North-West Vermont, USA. In the town of 2 thousand population, the
position of the mayor was vacant. A city manager, named “Joseph Gunter” in Fair Haven, organized an election in
this city through an innovative venture.And instead of the people standing as candidates, instead of their
pets. Although its fundamental aim was to collect funding for a playground playground. 16 Pets stood as a

candidate. Dogs, cats, eleven and goats were on the list of candidates.This is the city manager who was
concerned about whether or not this election was thought of as an excuse. But later he was surprised by the
news of some residents. Because they were very sorry to not make their pets as candidates. The 3-year-old
Lincoln Newborn breed of goats As a mayor, his tenure will be 1 year. These goats will now be present at all
the local events. She will wear special clothes in the Memorial Day Parade ceremony.


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