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Any RobinHood in Spain?

A village named after Villarreal in the northern part of Spain This strange incident happened in the village since March 6. So far 15 poor families have received a brown-colored envelope with 100 euro admission. The envelope has found

someone in the front of the door, through the post box. Someone went to the police with this envelope and someone went to the bank. The notes were real. In the fourteenth century in England, a lot of people know about Robin Hood, who now immortal by donating wealth to the rich and giving to the poor.Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest of England was perhaps a member of the thirteenth or 14th century bandit. The movie, the television series, was created. It is still unknown whether Robin Hood of Villarreal village in Spain has snatched money from the rich. It is not known whether he harmed any person or not. Moreover, he was not yet included in any rogue / terrorist list. On the other hand, police has not

started any investigation till now.But this newly arrived active Robin Hood is very much needed for those locals or Spain government to know who, where it comes from, why he wants to, or what his purpose is. Why is this why he is helping helplessly in this era of selfishness, or what is the source of his income? It is necessary for everyone to know. Even today, it is good today, tomorrow wants them to sit for something which is beyond their ability. To help in this way, he may have been taking a place in the shape of a man in the mind of the people.

Source: AFC, Madrid

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