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Anna Akhmatovova, a Russian woman surrounded by mysteries


Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966)
Birth: 1889
Birth place: Odesa
Siblings: 6 people

Study: Kiev and Peterburg
Married: Nikolai Gumiliov (1910–1918)
Vladimir Shuleiko (1918-1926)
Nikolai Punin (1922-1935)
Child: 1 Liv Gumiliov
Member of Soviet Writer Union: 1939
Oxford University’s Honorary Doctorate Degree: 1965
Death: 5 March 1966

Anna Akhmatovova was born in Odessa of the Russian Empire. He was the third among six siblings. In his writings he wrote himself, “I was a wild teenager, I liked to roam freely on foot. Any climate would fall down in the sea, cutting the sea”. This Russian poet liked to write poems since childhood. But his father dislike it very much. So Anna took the title of Nanu’s mother instead of his last name. His last name was Gorezko. Study in Kiev and Peterburg He had married three times.In 1939, the Soviet writer won the membership of the Union. In 1946, it was expelled and returned 5 years later. In 1965, Oxford University gave him honorary doctorate degree, Anna Akhmatovaya.
“Do not be afraid of anything in the world
Heart to fade hard at sigh
That’s because night is terrible only
Your eyes in the dream, so be afraid ”
The author of this book, Anna Akhmatova, died on 5 March 1966.

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