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In the possession of a whole train women

Passengers’ spontaneous movement can be seen on trains in different countries of the world. The Indian
subcontinent is very much involved in this kind of train. The train has long been an integral part of Indian

life. Indians are feeling the need for a lot of train to be a large population and the head of the huge area,
the Indians In addition to the lower class, underweight, middle class, many people travel humming again and
travel in this train.On one hand it is time to survive, on the other hand, on the other hand, it can be reached
at a certain place. Many Indians introduced the only train for the convenience of the first women in the world.

This train started in Mumbai in 1992. That’s going on till today. All women on this train are women.If you want
to get on this train then you have to compete with one type of competition. In order to get on this train
filled with tremendous crowd, some of them left the house for the first time. Many people have become friends
with some people because of the same train movement every day. Just so many, many people celebrate their
special day again and this train is inside this train. On the other hand, when the hawkers arrive, the increase
in women’s buying – the increase in excitement. Some people have bought the trunks from time to time to save

time and buy essential goods. It can be said that this whole train continues with them as an important part of
women’s life. Needless to say that this woman train plays the role of women for the safety of women.Though
there are a lot more passengers from all trains in Mumbai than trains in Mumbai. In fact, the crowd is always
there. However, passengers are comfortable with the train movement.

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